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Hello, hello people!

It has been a week after Camp Nanowrimo and life just continues on. There is packing to be done, as we are in the middle of a move and right now, even most of my books are in boxes.

*strokes boxes*

My poor babies.

I only left the โ€œImmortals After Darkโ€ series by Kresley Cole out, as it is what Iโ€™m currently reading. I also may or may not have bought 3 or 4 books on the series from the book depository. I cannot confirm nor deny it.


Packing things in the middle of a Greek summer is not a fun affair. Itโ€™s hot, itโ€™s sweaty, itโ€™s uncomfortable. Books are heavier than they appear when you pack them and we have a lot of those. Between my books and my motherโ€™s, we are starting to wonder if we are going to have enough space in theโ€ฆ

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