M. S. Harris and the blog she failed to name.

Another week goes by. September is almost upon us. New start? New start!

The Wordsmiths' Nook

Hello people!

How have you been in the glorious land of internet? And wherever you happen to be? The greek summer is going on strong and it doesn’t seem to want to let go just yet. The last few days, it had been a little windy, at least and that cooled down things considerably… wait what am I doing? Am I talking about the weather? This is starting to sound like a bad date and this ain’t that kind of blog.

So, my dearests, on to important things!

I have decided to use September as a starting point to get more things done. I’ve been enjoying using a bullet journal throughout the summer and so, I went an invested in a moleskine. Yes. Don’t judge me. I got the dotted one (cause that’s the one everyone suggests is best. And I agree) but I got it on the largest size…

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