BOOK REVIEW: No rest for the wicked.

“No rest for the wicked” is the second book in the “Immortals After Dark” series and I have admit, I enjoyed this book far more than the first, but it wasn’t without its issues.

The main protagonists are Kaderin the Cold-Hearted and Sebastian Wroth. She is one of the toughest Valkyries around, with fighting skills honed over millennia. She’s feared and admired by all different kind of creatures of the Lore, and she has been ‘blessed’ with feeling nothing after the death of her sisters.

Favourite hobby? Killing vampires. She has a very strong hatred for them, due to the fact that it was a vampire she showed mercy to, that cost her the lives of her sisters.  When she could not take the pain, an entity granted her what she wished for the most – numbness and so now, she cannot feel anything.

Until she meets Sebastian Wroth that is.

Sebastian is a very unwilling vampire, turned into what he is by his brothers in an attempt to save his life, when they found him dying. He did not approve, he did not like, so he has spend the 300 years of his vampire life just loathing himself and hiding away in a vampire castle, despising everything that made him what he was.

The story starts when Kaderin is called forth by the inhabitants of a Lore village to deal with the vampire in the nearby castle, namely Sebastian. And as fate would have it, she hesitates long enough for them to find out two very important things. She’s his bride and she makes his heart beat again, and somehow he breaks through her ‘blessing’ and gets her to feel for him, even it is just desire at first.

Kaderin flees, Sebastian follows like the foolish, love-struck puppy that he is.

The whole story happens during an immortal treasure hand, the Hie, that’s held every 250 years and that Kaderin has won time and time again. But this time, she has an extra reason why she wants to win – she can win a key that will allow her to travel back in time and save her sisters.

But it also means she might lose Sebastian, if she alters the past.

I like Sebastian. I like the majority of the Wroth brothers, but Sebastian is my favourite so far. He’s clumsy and a bit insecure, a bookworm and just all around one sexy man. Even when Kaderin frustrates him and he tries to be mean to her, he just can’t do it. Some call that pathetic, I call it a good man. He can’t do anything to her that will harm her and at the end, he even sacrifices himself for her and her cause, even with the thought that he might lose her forever if he does.

Kaderin on the other hand… well I tried. I liked her more than Emma, I’ll say that much, but she sometimes gets too unreasonably stubborn and she takes advantage of Sebastian’s naivete and lack of knowledge about this world in a way that I do not approve. I just don’t like her. I couldn’t get behind her. Boo Kaderin. She doesn’t deserve him. And even at the very end, she does things she knows will hurt him, even if it is just emotionally, just because she knows he’ll stick around and still help her.

Cause he’s a good guy.

The setting of the treasure hunt, I’ll admit, made for an interesting change than the usual set up in some city. It was refreshing to see the different locations the Hie took them and see whatever weird artefacts the frivolous goddess that’s hosting the whole event wanted.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it much more than the first book and it was the book that made me want to keep going with the series. Also, even though it works as a stand-alone, there are some returning characters that we get to know a little better and I like me some expanded universe. The conflict is fairly good, the sex is wonderful, the characters are fun, the action is fast and just as engaging as one would like it to be.

If you want to find the book, and support me, you can find it in Book Depository.

~ Harris

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