Word bound Challenge #1

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First post! #wordbound starts on Jan 4. Get excited!

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I came across an Instagram account not long ago, called wordbound. I’m a little late on the train, I realise, but it’s better late than never, right? I have a lot of catching up to do, to be on track. So here goes nothing.

2017 writing goals and I’m already three months behind. Oh well. At least they haven’t been idle months, and that has to count for something.

So, here is my list of goals for 2017:

  1. I have been outlining, world-building and plotting a story. I want to write that story, get through the first draft.
  2. I have four stories ready, and I want to finish one round of edits on all of them. On “Descent”, “Fool’s Errand”, “Tarnished Gold”, and “The Duchess”.
  3. Hopefully, I can go on round 2 of edits on each story, if I am productive enough, if I use the ‘butt to chair’ technique.

I know it doesn’t make for an impressive list of writing goals, but I’m currently struggling to finish university. If I manage to fulfill 2/3 of the goals, I’ll be more than happy and satisfied.



Wrinos, Starbucks Chai, Book Haul, Exams, “Fool’s Errand”.

*taps microphone*
Is this thing on?

Hello everybody!

I’m proud to say that finally – yes, FINALLY – my exams are over and I have a pretty empty September ahead of me, until my friend gets here for the last week. I’ll be hosting her and we’ll go around Athens and see the museums and the Acropoli and all other awesome stuff.

But until then, there are books to be read and stories to be edited.

I’ll say this much, the workshop is going great! We’ve named ourselves the Wrinos, cause we thought it’s funny and creative and I have to say every time we are talking about a piece, I’m getting pretty excited.

Until that is, I realised that this week, is my week. I’m getting worked on. I’m getting critiqued. No wait, we agreed to called it feedback, not a critique. It’s gentler for the nerves.

But you get my point. It’s my turn.

I’m dying a little bit inside from fear and anxiety, I won’t lie. I’m waiting to hear something along the lines of “Girl, why are you even writing?” “How about you get a different dream, hmm?” “Well, writing isn’t for everyone.”

Meanwhile, to get my mind off things, I’m trying to go through “Fool’s Errand” a fantasy short story… Wait. *checks wikipedia* Let me rephrase. A fantasy novelette. I’m just calling everything I don’t count as a novel, a short story, when apparently it is not. But that’s what I’m doing. I’m editing “Fool’s Errand”, I’ve given the first chapter of my novel to be worked on and torn to bits. I’ve never done this before. I know it’s going to be painful as hell, but I also know it’s going to be rewarding.

Unless they tell me to stop writing. Sorry, can’t do. I’ll write even if it’s terrible. Which I hope it ain’t. *crosses fingers* If anything I can say that the novel is a mess still cause it’s only on its second draft. OF COURSE it needs more work.

*digs a hole* *jumps in it*

On more fun, unrelated news, I got books! Does it count as unrelated news when I go from writing to books? Who knows? Who cares!

I’m still in the process of reading the Immortals after Dark series by Kresley Cole. I did it because I wanted to catch up on the new books. Well the new books are now here and that means I need to hurry up and read.

Though I have to say, I’m annoyed. How can I not be? Three out of the four books that came are a size smaller than the fourth and the rest of the books I have in the series. It kind of kills the aesthetic. Why? Why don’t book publishers just make every book the same size so everyone can be happy? Why are there two sizes for paperbacks?

Eternal questions of a book lover.

A cookie for whomever has a good answer.

Onward! I’m reading the third book of the series, called “Wicked deeds on a winter’s night”. I remember I liked this one. I like Bowen. He’s nice. We’d have fun hanging out. Mariketa… I don’t know. I remember I was iffy about her. We’ll see if I remain that way or I change my mind!

By the way, let’s take a moment to appreciate how pretty this cover is. Not too overwhelming, not too overly sexualised. Just perfect. Beautiful.

Also, I went to Starbucks. *Waits to see if anyone is surprised* *no one is*

And because I have a membership card, they gifted me some black leaf chai bags. Apparently, as I’ve been told, this is the same tea they put in their chai latte.

I’ll admit. I tried it. I’m not impressed. I’d rather have my coffee. I’m sure for some people, this is great, but it’s not my cup of tea. *snickers* See what I did there? See? See?

That is all for now!

Thanks for stopping by! See ya!

~ Harris

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Wake me up, when September ends…

Well not quite. I’m rather looking forward to the end of September, because a friend of mine is coming from England and we are going to have a very fun and interesting week! The plans are many, from sightseeing around Athens, to getting her to try all kinds of Greek foods she’s never tried before!

But for now, Exams! I’m not looking forward to Exam season in September. It’s right after summer and every part of me refuses to cooperate with the idea of exams and studying and sitting your butt down in a chair. I try though. Hopefully I only have two Exams. I say two, but in truth, they are many. On Thursday, I have a day full of exams, my Russian test. Hopefully all will go well. And I’ll die then. That’s expected. Nobody is surprised about that.

I sneak in some reading though. I’d love it if it was writing, but my brain can’t take it. There is too much grammar and vocabulary in my head right now for it to accept any kind of writing. So reading. I’m continuing with the “Immortals After Dark” series by Kresley Cole, with the book “No rest for the Wicked”.

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*Pets Sebastian* I like him. He and his brothers are my favourites, I won’t lie. The four vampire brothers and the demons.

There was also another very interesting development. Myself and some other writerly friends have gathered together and have created a sort of workshop. We had our first official meeting this Sunday, where we talked about one of our members’ work. It was fun. But then again, I get a kick out of talk of books and stories and how you can break them down and dissect them and make em better.

How’s September for all of you? How is it treating you? To be honest, for the first time in a while, I’m looking forward for when the classes start, even though I know this year is going to be brutal.

~ Harris